The Radtrak® Alpha Track radon gas detector included with this Home Radon Test Kit will measure the average radon concentration at the location of the detector during the monitoring period. The alpha-track detector has, inside the plastic housing, a radiosensitive element which records alpha particle emissions (alpha tracks) from the natural radioactive
decay of radon.When the detector is returned to the laboratory, the alpha tracks are counted using computer-assisted image analysis equipment. The number of alpha tracks along with the deployment time period provides the basis for calculating the average radon concentration.     
    Radon, being a gas, can fluctuate day to day, week to week, or even season to season. We recommend a monitoring period of four months (120 days) to obtain a long-term average concentration over time. The detector should be placed in the lowest lived-in area of the home. A bedroom or family room would likely be a good location for the detector. Do not place the detector in a kitchen or bathroom.
Follow these simple instructions:
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