The HomeBuyer’s Preferred® Radon Protection Plan
The HomeBuyer’s Preferred Radon Protection Plan was designed with these thoughts in mind:
to provide a better method of dealing with radon for the relocation industry
to provide an additional measure of liability protection, and
to do this at a price comparable to that paid for current radon testing services alone.
Our Plan combines the efficacy and safety of long-term testing with an administrative solution that takes the burden and worry of radon testing, mitigation, and liability from our clients and the end customer: the transferee.

Here’s why the word “preferred” in our name is so meaningful!

Our Plan takes the place of a short-term test program so that the seller won’t be caught at the “11th hour” paying for a mitigation in order to close.
Our Plan is a service agreement that is provided to the buyer of the relocation property. As such, you’re able to provide the buyer with radon testing (and, if necessary, radon mitigation) at no cost.
We remove the need for pre-sale radon testing and mitigation on your part… once the service agreement is issued to the buyer, all subsequent activities are handled by HBP.
A quick look at the way our Plan works:
Step 1 Shortly after closing, HBP issues to the buyer the Radon Protection Plan Service agreement, the home radon test kit which includes the Radtrak® alpha track radon gas detector, a postage-paid return mailer and our easy-to-follow instructions. The buyer (Plan recipient) sets up the test according to the enclosed instructions. This only takes about five minutes!
Step 2 The detector remains in place for 120 days. When 120 days have passed, the Plan recipient is reminded to return the test kit for analysis in the mailer that was provided.
Step 3 The test kit detector is processed using state-of-the-art computer-assisted image analysis equipment. The laboratory notifies the homeowner, as well as HBP, of the radon results.
Further action:
If the measured radon concentration of the covered property is below the EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/l, a clearance document is sent to the Plan recipient and no further action is required.
If the measured radon concentration of the covered property is equal to or above 4.0 pCi/l, HBP will arrange for radon mitigation with an independent certified radon mitigation contractor, and pay all costs for the mitigation. HBP only
uses the most reputable contractors, who meet our stringent requirements. HBP's standard for mitigating properties with elevated radon levels is to install a sub-slab ventilation system. This is an active system that is the most effective way to reduce indoor radon gas levels. HBP then provides post-mitigation testing to confirm the radon concentration in the home has been reduced to safe levels.
Alternative Option:
For those buyers who don’t want to wait until after closing to test the property for radon, they may have a short-term radon test done prior to sale, and submit the report to HBP. The test must be performed by a NEHA, NRSB, and/or state listed radon testing contractor in order for HBP to accept the radon report into the HBP Program. If the levels are elevated, HBP will arrange for mitigation immediately.

For health and liability reasons, post -mitigation testing is always provided, regardless of how the buyer chooses to initially test the property. HBP’s obligation is not complete until post-mitigation retest results conclude the radon levels have been reduced to below the EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/l.

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