What are the benefits of the HomeBuyer’s Preferred® Radon Protection Plan?
  Put an end to the hassle of radon testing and mitigation. HBP, through the buyer, takes care of testing and manages any necessary mitigation, removing radon-related offer delays. With our Plan, offers are not contingent upon radon testing and mitigation.
  Avoid inconveniencing transferees with radon testing or shocking them with a $1,000 - $2,000 mitigation. Relocation managers no longer have to explain to transferees the necessity of radon mitigation.
  Remove radon program administration time and expense. HBP handles everything with the buyer after closing.
  Provide the offer of long-term testing on every home. The EPA recommends short-term testing only when long-term testing is not possible. Now, with the HomeBuyer’s Preferred Radon Protection Plan, long-term testing is possible. Long-term testing avoids false positive and false negative readings, which result in unnecessary mitigation, or worse yet, the liability associated with an unreported heath hazard.
  Safeguard against seller “tampering.” With buyer-performed long-term testing, there is no incentive to tamper. The incentive is to get a good, reliable test result.
  Add a dynamic home marketing tool. For buyers concerned about radon, the Plan offers the guarantee of reliable long-term testing and, if necessary, radon mitigation through an independent certified radon mitigation contractor.

Value-adds for our clients:

  The quality of the relocation service is improved by eliminating the cumbersome process of radon testing and mitigation prior to offer.
  The Plan is all-inclusive in that it provides, at no cost to the homebuyer, complete radon testing and mitigation service. There is never a question about program effectiveness since activity reviews are routinely provided which indicate the testing and mitigation status of each property.
  Since the HomeBuyer’s Preferred Radon Protection Plan eliminates contractor-performed radon testing and transfers these savings to the mitigation cost coverage, all of the benefits of the Plan are available at a cost comparable to that of radon testing services alone.
  Our goal is to test every property that comes through our Radon Protection Program. The Plan is the most comprehensive, proactive radon service agreement in the relocation industry.
  Because of our proactive protocols regarding buyer participation and follow-up, our Plan provides an additional measure of liability protection that other providers do not.
  Clients are entitled to regular reports from HBP on specific information such as percentage of properties tested, mitigated, summary of program costs, buyers option choices, etc. Our clients can see at a glance the cost-effectiveness of the Plan and the way it provides a creative solution to one of their risk management issues.
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