About Homebuyer’s Preferred
HomeBuyer's Preferred (HBP) is a business of Landauer Radon, Inc., and parent Landauer Nordic AB, the global leader in radon measurement. Established in 1993, HBP and its staff specialize in radon gas service agreements solely for the relocation industry. Since our Plan takes the transferee, the corporate relocation department, and the relocation management company out of the radon testing and mitigation process, you might say that we also specialize in peace of mind!

Some facts about our business:

    Our Radon Protection Plan was designed in collaboration with relocation professionals, attorneys, and certified health physicists to create a systematic, check-and-balance service that specifically addresses the issue of radon gas and home sales within the relocation industry from the perspective of seller liability, administration time and expense, and safety of the new homeowner(s).

    HBP utilizes Landauer's renowned Radtrak radon gas detector service for radon testing, and a network of independant NEHA, NRSB, and/or state listed radon mitigation contractors for radon mitigation services.

    We have staffed our company with Certified Relocation Professionals who manage our Plan with a solid understanding of relocation and our role in the relocation process.

    We include detailed, conclusive reporting for each client that verifies our testing and mitigation offers and provides greater liability protection.

    We maintain close relationships with organizations that set and/or uphold national standards, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, and Health Canada. We also build relationships and partner with leading experts for continuing guidance and standard-setting.

    We use only the Radtrak® radon gas detector, produced by Landauer, as the testing device for our Plan. This detector has been used by the EPA, the Department of Energy, the American Lung Association, and state departments of radiation protection. Radtrak® was selected as the detector used for the EPA National Residential Survey.

About Landauer Nordic
Landauer Nordic's core business is radon and caesium measurement. With our modern laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden, and customers in more than 50 countries we are the global leader in radon measurement. Landauer Nordic, formerly Gammadata Mätteknik AB, was founded in 1986 after the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, when nearly 10% of all radioactive caesium from the accident fell on densely populated areas in Sweden. The need arose to measure and check the safety of food and crops in Sweden. A group of researchers from Uppsala University were given a directive from the Swedish government to take charge of these necessary measurement tests. Soon Landauer Nordic expanded its business area to include radon measurement tests in indoor air. To date, our laboratories have analyzed more than two million measurements worldwide.

HomeBuyer’s Preferred
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