Radon. It’s a word that’s become a part of the landscape in
home sales and purchase when high levels of radon create health
hazards and liabilities. That’s where HomeBuyer’s Preferred
makes the difference.
HomeBuyer’s Preferred:
As the leading provider of radon protection plans for the relocation industry, we’re committed to our clients and the homeowners they serve. Because we were launched from Landauer, Inc., a company noted for its superior technical competence, advanced data management, and results-oriented customer service, we carry those same standards into the work we do. We’ve made a science of developing and delivering the most responsible radon protection plan in the relocation industry. So when you or your clients are faced with resolving a radon issue, you have the comfort, security, and integrity of a plan that offers:

Effective liability protection
Superior rates of completion
Improved relocation service quality at costs comparable to current radon tests
Long-term testing, mitigation, and post-mitigation testing
Elimination of all radon-related issues
Start-to-finish monitoring by an experienced team of Certified Relocation Professionals
Comprehensive and tailored reporting
Revolutionary RadTrak® alpha track radon detection system
First-hand familiarity with our clients’ concerns

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